You Woke…?


Catch yourself! Next time you wonder about why a thing is the way it is… after a person butts in and explains to you why… Before you nod and go ahaa, I see, …..Catch yourself!

Turn whatever it is they have just said to you over and over again in your head. Do not just swallow it. Consider it. Question it…ask yourself… Is this what i think too?

3 Idiots is one of my favourite movies (you should see it)… I have watched it over and over again! Why? The main character Rancho…In an environment where everyone simply accepted the way things were and aligned their mind and thoughts with the status quo way of thinking, he constantly drifted away…dared to colour out of the lines….filtered opinions from facts and even where words spoken were facts…His imagination stepped in.

Pause… Have you realised how precious that three lettered word is, W-H-Y? Everything around us now came about as a result of a mind that dared to think or ask why… It is so easy to listen to people and unconsciously take on their opinions as fact and even where it appears they have spoken fact it is also very easy to simply accept it and move on…

‘Why’… It leads to ‘discovery’ which is the purpose of life i dare say… To consider what we see outwardly, the things we come across on our journey, and all we have inwardly. ‘Why’ connects the outside and inside.

We see the way things are…reach inside THINK, we open up containers of ideas inside of us to connect with what we see on the outside.

It is very easy I will say it again to accept other explantations to your why, we do it subconsciously…. Try to catch yourself just before…make sure to turn it around, rip it apart to shreds, prove it before you accept it….It is your own ‘Why’…so arrive at your own conclusion. Unlearn everything you know.  Up until you start to think for yourself you sleep!

You sleep! You sleep!…Wake up and ask why! Ask! Turn it around…Rip it apart…Once you start doing that your journey to discovery becomes better… You woke.


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