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You Had Me At Hello…


Would it be weird to miss reading a book? Well that’s how I feel about this book. I am probably going to read it again!

You had me at hello by Mhairi McFarlane is not your typical boy meets girl happily ever after story. It is more like a very complicated ‘The one that got away’. I felt the beginning was a bit slow but as soon as It picked up I went from ‘I cannot drop it’ to mincing each page till the end.

It centres on Racheal and Ben who were students and buddies at Manchester University, although I am not a huge fan of the city…I absolutely loved the way British humour and lifestyle was infused in through her friends and other characters; Mindy, Ivor, Caroline, Simon and Olivia.

Throughout their time studying at the University, Racheal was in love with Ben but never ever ever thought a guy like Ben would have a thing for a girl like her. Unknown to her Ben did like her a lot but she got a boyfriend and after an unfortunate event Ben backed down. They graduated, Ben moved away and they lost contact.

10 years later Racheal who still lived in Manchester runs into Ben in town! Just that now Ben is happily married and moved back to Manchester with his wife, Racheal is still with the boyfriend she picked over Ben although unhappy.

In that moment it all came back to her; the feelings, the reason they never happened, and the rest of the book tells us how they both deal with being ‘The One that Got away’…

Hillarious Heartbreaking and everything between, I teared up, laughed and felt my heart squeeze. I enjoyed this book so much that I contacted Mhairi McFarlane on Facebook to just say thank you and she replied me!
I took a risk when I picked this book off the shelf….Well worth it!

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    I guess it’s time to get that book….

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