You a modern day pharisee?


I just finished watching the The Passion Of The Christ again on Netflix. It never gets old for me. I know non-spiritual people read my blog and if you have not watched it, you should whether or not you believe the story is real.

Watch it cause it tells a story of a man who believed he was not ordinary, he believed he was born for a special purpose. To restore humanity to its creator, to change our ways of hate and he was despised just because of this. He was hated just because of his ideas and belief. It tells a story of humanity’s hate.

So he believed he was the son of God, he was against the status quo of the day, his beliefs were not the same as the beliefs and teachings of the religious scholars of the day. He spread teachings on life that were completely opposite to the norm; to what the people of that time have heard and been taught from generation to generation. He made friends with questionable characters, he broke the law of the sabbath.

Him just being him was an abomination, heresy, not normal. He was different, he dared to stand out and this was an insult on the faces of the religious leaders of the day, the Pharisees and Sadducees, The ruling class of Israel at that time.

How dare anyone try to be different? How dare you claim to know God and be His son? This God that we know better than you, we have studied his word and know the truth what false teaching is this? We know the truth, we preserve the truth! We know His ways, we have studied his word, we have passed on his teachings written and orally from generation to generation so who are you to claim you know Him? Are you better than us? What is your qualification? Where have you trained to be who you say you are?

Despise…we despise what we do not understand.

These religious leaders resented this guy and considered him ‘arrogant’. Him daring to be different was just plain arrogance, an insult to them and they plotted to capture him and kill him. They felt threatened by him, uncomfortable with his new teachings which was messing with the status quo. They got caught up in themselves, in who they were. They took their resentment and masked it as a fight to protect God, his people and His words. To defend their beliefs. They told themselves they must end this blasphemer! How dare he piss on our God and his teachings…We must end him!

You see there are many of us just like the pharisees in today’s world. Not wearing their heavy cloaks or hats outwardly but inwardly despising anything or anyone that threatens what we hold to be true. Modern day pharisees who seem to know the mind of God completely. Modern day pharisees that have been to bible school can quote the scriptures, speak in tongues, pray and fast for 42 days and nights, have seen the holy ghost and absolutely know the mind of God.

You hear them argue to death about the bible. They are always ready to attack and pull down anyone that appears to hold beliefs contrary to their own. Ready to pick on people that are different from them, set them up for a fall, set them up to get fired from a job just cause they do not fit in… or they are just waiting, waiting for you to fall so they can laugh and use you as an example.

Ready to judge people that commit specific ‘sins’ ready to call them out…create fake profiles on social media to hurl insults at them…write up scandalous posts on blogs…’tell alls’ masked as exposing the truth. Masked as reporting the news but in actual fact deep down inside…when you have peeled down to the bottom what you will find is resentment!

Resentment not because a person has down a specific thing but just because the person is the way they are! Just because this person is divergent, not part of the status quo, does not fit in, dares to think, dress, talk, walk, eat, laugh, play, and sin differently!

Would you have been one of the people spitting, slapping this guy thousands of years ago? Tearing your garment in rage at his audacity to believe he was who he said he was?

Are you a modern day pharisee?


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