Who Stole My Bag!


A month ago my car was burgled in Lagos. Crazy thing is same thing happened to me last year and after that I stopped leaving valuable things in my car. This time around I was prepared, my car was empty so they decided to open the trunk and unfortunately stole my salon bag.

They carried my bag with my Shea Moisture Shea Shampoo and Conditioner, Cantu Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner, Pure Coconut Oil, Freida Heat Protector, African Pride Olive Oil Moisturiser, Bendy Rollers, Snap On Rollers and my Hand Dryer. [The Stuff I can Remember]

I was heartbroken  because it had cost me time and money to collect all those products and over one night it was all gone! I have fine natural afro hair, my hair texture was the same when I used relaxers as well. A whole section fell out one day in October 2011 whilst washing out relaxer and I decided after then to cut it all off and start again with no more relaxers.

I went from Kinky Curls Products, to African Pride and Cantu products before I came across Shea Moisture last year in an afro hair store at Deptford Bridge Market, London. My cousin mentioned it was 100% organic so I popped the name in on google search on my phone, read some good reviews and decided to give my hair a treat! I bought the Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner for £25 amongst other products. I questioned myself all the way home if spending £25 on shampoo and conditioner was really worth it.

At home I watched youtube videos about the product and was impressed, gave it a try and I absolutely loved the effect it had on my hair!  Due to the organic factor the shampoo did not foam as much but, my hair felt softer and more moisturised. I have been hooked on Shea Moisture since then. My hair regimen involved using the shea shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, cantu argan oil and pure coconut oil.

Since I went off relaxers I’ve washed my hair myself with trusted products, so I had no choice than to replace my products after this incident immediately or walk around with dirty hair. The dilemma however was where to buy them from…Imported products are highly priced in Nigeria and I did not see myself travelling anywhere for a while

This dilemma continued till one day a hair store I follow on instagram @wiglyyours posted about newly stocked product and there in front of me was every one of my product that got stolen, except my heat protector. I braved myself and visited the store in Victoria Island and left a very happy customer. Prices were around N6,000 – N6,500 for the shampoo and conditioner. Still pricy but not as much as I expected.


I also got professional advise on the type of shampoo to buy. Before now, I had been using their Raw Shea Butter range but was advised to switch to the Yucca & Plantain/Baobab range for Frizzy, Split & Breaking Hair and Fine Hair. My hair does not have volume you see and I am trying to change that. As a Shea Butter addict I still wanted something with shea butter so I got the Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque for Natural Hair and leave in conditioner.

I loved the smell of the shampoo and conditioner and also loved the way my hair felt after deep conditioning with Cantu for an hour. I however would wait a while to see if there’s any improvement in the areas of volume and texture before a full review.

It cost me a lot more in Naira to buy back all my products but It is well worth it. I also got complimentary tiny bottles of Castor Oil.


In case you were wondering why Castor Oil for your hair, here are 5 quick reasons:

– Prevents Split Ends

– Helps with dandruff and dry scalp

– Helps with hair growth and thickness

– Works as against bacteria in your hair

– Makes hair texture richer.

I am going to find a new regimen for my new products, might buy some more oils too. It is the only hair that I’ve got 🙂

Featured Image Credit: United States Marine Corps Official Page / Foter / CC BY-NC

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