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TV Favs – Edition 1


I’m a TV Head. I love love love good television so much I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of my most favourite TV characters 😀  I draw reference a lot from these characters and I’ve also learnt a lot about life from their stories. Shared many laughs and some tears with them…hahah, credit goes to the amazing actors that played these roles so well the characters feel like real people.

I am going to try to do this in two posts[May be three?], simply because I have too many favourite characters. So here are the first 10 in no particular order:

Lagertha – Vikings


Quick background story, Lagertha is a shield maiden and the wife to Ragnar Lorthbrok in History channel’s series Vikings. I am sure you can already see that she kicks ass from the picture. Lagertha is a Strong Powerful  and Sexy Woman, the kind of woman that owns her own no matter how ‘badass’ her husband is. Loved how she took the high road after Ragnar’s infidelity, [I am not up to date with the latest season so no spoilers in the comment section]. I absolutely love how protective she was of her kids. Her character is one of strength and courage, she keeps it cool, appears harmless until she needs to protect her own. I think Katheryn Winnick does an excellent job bringing this character to life. She is not as good on the battle field as Ragnar or Rollo, but she has a strategic and smart approach to all she does…I guess that is what she has in common with Ragnar.

Violet Crawley – Downton Abbey


Cousin Vi or The Dowager Countess of Grantham makes the list as one of my favourite characters on Itv’s Downton Abbey, I pay close attention to every word that comes out from her mouth…haha! She is the queen of sacarsm and shade on the show. I love how she is never the last to know what is going on, she picks up on vibes very quickly and is always two steps ahead, her mind is sharp for an old lady and her character is very clever! her endless catfights with cousin Isobel are precious and I thank her for her numerous words of wisdom which she does not hesitate to state even when unsolicited..haha, one of my favourite being ‘I am a woman, I can be as contrary as I choose‘..haha, could not agree more! Theres not too much to write about Dame Maggie Smith, She is a boss as usual…

Harvey Specter – Suits


I must confess I only started watching Suits last month and I have already finished the fourth season. Harvey Specter makes me think on my feet. He is the centre of Suits I would say cause without Harvey there is no Suits. I compare his character with Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy [who should feature soon on this list] these two are sharks! They are in it to win it..always! They don’t slip up or play at all! Harvey is a closer, fixer etcetera. He does the job better than Olivia Pope and does not need a team of ‘Gladiators’ to handle it…haha. As sharp minded and focused as this character is, he is also very vulnerable. Life experiences have made Harvey guard himself, because he has been hurt in the past, he has learnt to keep emotions and private issues out of business. I love that they still let us see these parts of him, this gives his character more depth. Love Harvey’s loyalty, and kindness. You see it all in the eyes of Gabriel Macht, his lips though…something weird about it may Harvey Specter has taught me to never back down till you get what you want, to always be two steps ahead of your enemy, oh and to ask every time I am faced with a difficult situation; ‘What will Harvey Do?’…haha WIN!

Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl had a love hate relationship for this character. Loved Chuck Bass for his dapper look! Very stylish character, loved his confidence…He knew who he was and was comfortable in that knowledge. Loved his ambition, but I disliked his immaturity; always scheming. He did become more mature as the show progressed but I think the writers could have made him bit more of a man and less of a boy…A lot more could have been done to Chuck Bass character in terms of him being the heir to Bass Industries. All the same I loved his style and the fact that he always came out on top of all his woe’s. I a person should not be allowed to walk over others just because they are wealthy, but I made an exception for this character as many other people did. You are not allowed to misbehave, unless you are Chuck…Chuck Bass that is!

Meredith Grey – Greys Anatomy


I am not up to date with Greys Anatomy (Life has been busy) I stopped on episode 14/15 of Season 11. So please no spoilers in the comments. Now this character, Meredith Grey…I give a standing ovation to and choose as my most favourite TV character. Grey’s Anatomy has been around for 11 years, I was 18 when it started and this character which is the centre of the show has grown with me for the past 11 years. She is a product of a damaged relationship and has struggled with the effects of this for most of her life. Deep inside all Meredith wants is balance! She wants to be happy on her job, in her relationship and with her kids. She wants to create a better life than she had with her parents. Her greatest fear was to end up living like her mother, so she constantly has to choose to be better. Her character has grown from a damaged girl to a confident woman, loved by her husband, to being a great mom to her kids and an awesome friend to her colleagues, she is fiercely loyal. I love how Meredith is the calm in the midst of the storm. Soft spoken but firm thanks to the amazing Ellen Pompeo. I am in love with her story…It is a beautiful one made up of sadness and happiness. Some people accuse me of being more like ‘Yang’ who would come up on this list later, but I strongly disagree! Meredith is a solid girl, which I am :p I am a Meredith…hahaha! To me this is one of the best written characters on TV.

Petyr Baelish – Game of Thrones


He might be called Littlefinger but this character is anything but little. You know those people that stir up confusion and then sit back to sip pepsi and eat pop-corn whilst all hell breaks loose? that is Petyr Baelish and I greatly admire this attribute. I tend to get involved in arguments and fights, defending the powerless or attacking the oppresor . I wish instead I could be a little bit of a schemer, make my moves and watch other people do things for me, you know be on the side of the winning team always.. Thats what wise people do is it not? hahaha! Petyr Baelish is a slippery creep, working silently behind the scene to get what he wants always. He knows what to say to get what he wants and has his eyes on the price always! Oh he would kiss all the ass he has to or kill the ones he has to…haha! I am not quite sure that Aidan Gillen is the perfect fit for this role but all the same this character is a classic one in my opinion.

Evelyn and Adrian Powell – Devious Maids


This one is double for your trouble simply because there is no one without the other. This couple crack me up all the time! They share the same personality; both have haughty spirits, both connoisseurs of the finest things and expert schemers at heart. Love how Mrs Powell is only attracted to strong men and how that very fact makes Mr Powell drawn to his Mrs. To be honest they are as weird as hell but completely fun to watch. I actually think Blair and Chuck might have ended up as Mr and Mrs Powell…Don’t you slightly agree with me? hah! Their characters are comical and awaken the inner schemer in me.

Horatio Caine – CSI Miami

"Bloodline" --When the call girl, Anna (Paula Garces),  Horatio (David Caruso) tried to help wakes up in a pool of blood next to her dead "John", the CSIs must determine if this girl is not as innocent as she appears on CSI: MIAMI, Monday, April 9, (10:00-11:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television network. Photo: Ron Jaffe/CBS ©2007 CBS Broadcasting Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

To be honest I just always looked forward to the parts where he says something smart and puts on his sunglasses! Correct me if I am wrong but I really do not think Horatio Caine was that bad ass, he didn’t always know the bad guy from the start, he was however very very good at following the trails at the crime scene and sniffing out the killer in the end. Perhaps that was the plot of the show; to always have a twist, as the unusual suspect was most of the time the killer. There was something very special about him, he didn’t speak much, I loved the way he stuck it to the guilty party; ‘You are under arrest‘ and then put on his sunglasses, looked off into the distance or hopped in his car and drove off (whilst the soundtrack played), hahaha…help me out here!

Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov – Orange Is The New Black


 Just so you know If I ever went to prison, I would love to have Red as my Prison Mother…hahah! Ok why I love Red? She is a very compassionate woman but still takes her pound of flesh back whenever she feels she can. She is a sharp business woman married to an idiot of a man and would go to the ends of the world to help her family. She is passionate about pretty much everything she holds dear; her kitchen, her prison children, the prison smuggling business and her pride! Her character is strong both in and outside prison which is what got her into prison in the first place. This character taught me respect is earned and an apology sometimes means nothing! You have to earn forgiveness sometimes.

Jake Ballard – Scandal


I do not understand how anyone would not fall in love with this character. Ok ok he was dodgy in the start, stalking Olivia and all but He more than made up for it by protecting her till the end of the miserable last season! Jakes a trained killer, a man of uniform, tall dark and handsome! Jake’s character is dark and twisted. On one hand he is a bad ass killer, (Most sophisticated B613 killer on that show) and on the other he is a love puppy. Helplessly in love with this woman so much so he is waiting and hoping she can love him as much as she loves his rival. I simply cannot wrap my head around how Olivia will pick Fitz over single, available, fine looking Jake. His character is loyal and dedicated, once Jake gives you his word he keeps it.

What is your take on any of these characters? Lots more coming up in Edition 2  😀

Featured Image Credit: Photo Extremist/Foter/CC BY-ND

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