They lied to us…

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A former classmate passed away recently and it threw me into a well of thoughts. She was rare! selfless, always with a smile and ready to talk to anyone. Her spirit was free, it was pure and her energy beautiful. I do not think I ever heard her say a negative thing about a person.

You know that one in the group that is always the voice of reason whilst everyone else is trying to escalate an issue and calmly says; ‘ ask to be sure before you get angry’, ‘they might have not meant it that way’…’Try to clarify things before you take offence’…She was that person!

I do not think I ever saw her vexed. She was always pleasant even when upset she would explain her feelings and not get offensive. Her soul was beautiful, she inspired me to be a better person.

When I heard of her passing I drowned in my well of thoughts… I never imagined her passing away, if someone so good could go, how much more me? Life does not add up! I slipped into fear as well…the type death’s kiss brings about…You start to consider letting go of your resentment towards people and remember life is fickle. You start to evaluate what you have done so far with your life.

Most of us think by living according to what we deem the right way to live is we can prolong our time here…you know; eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke, drink and drive… Of course you cannot go about living recklessly. That will be poking death with a toothpick. However this still does not guarantee anything! Living cautiously or not…Nothing really is guaranteed.

So what is this life then? It is certainly not what we have been told to expect in school… Study hard to graduate so you can live a good life, get a degree to live a good life, get a job, work hard, in order to enjoy your life…

Naah… They lied to us, they forgot to add that time is out of our hands and so nothing is set in stone… That tomorrow is really! really! really! not guaranteed! They forgot to mention we are all subject to fate… That ‘Labour Time and Rest Time’ have no order. That at best we have ‘some time” to live and no one knows just how much they have left…this makes me feel two things….

A rush to do all I want to do…and…Wonder at the design of it, life.

I came up from my thoughts thankful our paths crossed. That I got to experience that relationship. Heaven knows how much time the rest of us have left… I just hope I get to use it to do the one thing I am convinced it was designed for… To live.

Still go on your Facebook Page and wonder…I still do…x

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  • Reply Sefua 12/01/2017 at 2:48 am

    You know what? Life is truly fickle but often times, we don’t always remember until we lose a close person…. I pray that we never forget to live life itself and to know that our time here is brief….. I always look forward to reading your life blog, more wisdom to write more

  • Reply Olusegun Femi-Ishola 16/12/2016 at 6:27 pm

    They say it is better to go to a house of mourning, rather than a house of celebration. It gives reason for humble self reflection. I love every single line of this piece, sis.. Keep them coming! Best regards.

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