The Trouble With Love Is…

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…Us, we… you and I… Love in the end is just a four letter word. We are the ones that give it meaning and at the root of most of our problems with love is fear.

As humans we do not like to show our vulnerability, imagine if we all walked around with our fears and worries written on our body for all to see. We would feel naked and fear the wrong person might come along to take advantage of us. So we hide them and pretend to be strong and not give a shit. We fall ‘in love’ but guard our hearts carefully or we chose not to give our hearts to anyone at all, we choose not commit out of fear… We give ourselves but keep a little part of us safe and secure… just in case.Patrick-Swayze-Dirty-DancingThe thing however is that vulnerability, baring your soul…is a requirement of love…True Love. It’s just that we are not sure we can fully trust our partners completely with our fears. Trust in relationships is not just about being accountable with your partner, but also about being able to trust your partner with your vulnerability.Manchesters-Finest_DirtyDancing-3Being able to trust that when they have seen your soul, your flaws, your fears, and how passionate your love is for them, they would take it, nuture and treasure it for the rest of your lives. They would passionately treasure who you are. They will never give up on you. They will appreciate your essence.dirty-dancing-2It is difficult to be vulnerable; betrayals and break ups hurt more when we have been ‘foolish enough to be vulnerable’ . It is very very difficult to find someone to be completely naked with…not physically naked but to bare your soul completely too.. A line from a song says ‘It is like catching lightening the chances of finding someone like you, it is one in a million the chances of feeling the way we do‘ It is rare that in ones lifetime they would find a partner they can be a fool for completely who in return does not exploit them.

If you are one of the lucky people who have found a partner that cherishes and protects your vulnerability, found love that is rare, pure and completely honest. Cherish it and Guard it jealousy. Please do not loose it…. It is like lightening..Dirty-Dancing-Movie-GIFs


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