The Maids – Uzo Aduba, Laura Carmichael & Zawe Ashton


Went to the theatre to see The Maids in May. My cousin had mentioned it to me and as usual curiosity dragged me with her! haha. The theatre was The Trafalgar Studios around Charing Cross…

Very small but cozy/intimate hall, the stage was in the centre and it had seatings on both sides of it… I loved it!IMG_4615Was stoked to find out Uzo Aduba (Crazy Eyes on Orange Is The New Black) and Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith on Downton Abbey) were in it.I had never come across the third cast member (Zawe Ashton) prior to that day and although I looked forward to seeing Uzo Aduba and Laura Carmichael on stage, it was Zawe Ashton playing Claire that I enjoyed the most

Uzo and Zawe as Solange and Claire

The play is about two maids who are sisters; Solange(Uzo) and Claire(Zawe) and their mistress (Laura). The two are fed up with their lives as maids. The scene opens on both maids role playing. Claire is acting like their mistress and Solange a maid. We find out that this is one of their favourite things to get up to once Mistress is not around and each time they both fight for the chance to play Mistress. The role play also always ends with The maid killing the Mistress.

IMG_4616IMG_4644IMG_4639They mimic their relationship with their mistress and also make fun of her love life. From the role play we discover their Master was arrested after they tipped off the police on his shady business. Their Mistress is unaware that it was them who tipped off the police. She is miserable about this and whines and whines on about how she is mourning like she ought to, this makes her even more unbearable. She also whines on how she cannot cope without him.IMG_4634 IMG_4636IMG_4632IMG_4633Solange and Claire are fed up of their Mistress and the way she treats them as things and not people. They highlight on their failed attempt to kill their Mistress. It was Claire who failed the first time.  They get a phone call that their Master has been released on  bail and both of them are terrified because they believe he will find out it was them who tipped off the police.IMG_4626

They plan again to kill the Mistress but the plan fails again and they go into role play once she leaves the house…this time the maid really has to kill Mistress.IMG_4646I thoroughly enjoyed it…Uzo was amazing but I was more struck by Zawe’s performance than Uzo’s. The cast of the play was just those 3 people…The use of space was very good, the style was very intimate as some remarks were thrown at us in the audience from time to time.

Although some monologues were too long and it is very heavy in dialogue, I was still spellbound till the end…Was a good play!



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