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Experience Elafonissi Beach Greece!


For its crystal clear turquoise blue green waters and white sand with pink hues, Elafonissi Beach sat at no. 30 on Forbes list for Worlds Best Beaches 2017 … It lays on the southwestern side of Greece’s biggest Island Crete. This week I got on the road with friends for a 1hr 3o minutes drive from Platanias to Elafonissi and it was Paradise. The wind caused a beautiful ripple effect on the waters, I felt I was in the carribean…

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I have come across a lot of people that do not drink water. By come across I mean hung out with them for a while and noticed they could go a whole day without a drop of water. They of course stay hydrated with sodas, fruit juices etcetera. Whenever I point this out to them, the most common answer I get is this; I don’t like water! Don’t like the taste of it. Some don’t even notice they have drunk…

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