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Happy Norway Day!


Norway signed its constitution into law which made it an independent kingdom from Sweden on May 17 1814…17Mai (May 17)  is known as Norwegian National Day and celebrated annually as a public holiday by Norwegians both home and abroad. We got to celebrate together at Southwark Park and not Oslo…special shout out to the UDI for making this day possible… haha…Anyways Hipp! Hipp! Hurra! Had my first Syttende Mai (May 17) experience!!! The day is marked with a lot of partying, champagne breakfasts, parades, cakes, ice…

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How to cope with waiting on UDI….

How To Cope With UDI Waiting Times

So we have been waiting for 9 months now for our Fiance Permit to be processed by the UDI(Norwegian Immigration)… Over the  months I noticed a lot of people are on the same boat with us and are really frustrated with the long long waiting time. The most annoying thing is you never get any real update from UDI, just same old ‘Your application is on the queue to be processed’ story for 9-18months! Incredible! We actually kept faith that it…

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Coping with the wait…


It’s been almost four months that we submitted our application to the UDI – [Norwegian Immigration] and my emotions now go from being happy because we might not have to wait 6, 8 or 10 months for the applications to be processed to sad cause we might be waiting for 18 months. We got engaged on Valentines day this year. It was weird and lovely all at the same time. We had known we wanted to partner in life for a while…

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