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On Repeat: Chris Brown – Back To Sleep


Tittle Track: Back To Sleep Album: Royalty Artist: Chris Brown R’n’B is not dead after all and on behalf of all the RnB Fans out there I say a big thank you to Chris Brown!!! He keeps doing it right, you may not like his person but his talent is undebatable…. I especially love the intro to the song, it has this 80’s smooth R’n’B feel to it… Gets me finger snapping and two stepping every time…. Such a smooth start.…

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Throwback to Edingburgh….


Made the trip down in 2012 and I cannot wait to visit Scotland again. I often say to my Fiancé I will love to retire in a small village in Scotland… I think he still thinks I am kidding, guess i have a lot of work to do to turn that joke to reality. I found Scots a charming and fun people… Something about Edinburgh was enchanting, perhaps it was the numerous castles, nature or cultural history. Edinburgh took its place…

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