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Idanre Hills


Went on a weekend trip with some family to Idanre. Idanre is an ancient town located in Ondo State in the South west of Nigeria. My family originally comes from there.Idanre is surrounded by hills and its people used to live up in the hills for over 100 years. Their town was fortified on the hills during wars and they lived there until they migrated down to the valleys after the death of a king. Up on the hills you…

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Accents…Pip Pip Cheerio!


I was scrolling through my news feed on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and a TV presenter job ad in Nigeria came up on it with a ‘major‘ criteria for applying… ‘Must not speak with a foreign accent’ Chuckled and continued scrolling…. ‘Accents’ seem to be a very big issue with Nigerian Youths. A lot of people who speak with ‘foreign accents’ are mocked and resented for it. There also seems to be a criteria for why it is…

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Planning A Wedding – DIY or Not!


Yay! I am about to start planning our wedding/bryllup and will be sharing some parts of the process here… To start with, I am considering going the DIY way with many things… I mean it can’t be that terrible can it? and I think I’m quite good with organising. As a Yoruba girl I am going to have a Traditional Yoruba Wedding in addition to a Christian Wedding. Traditions where I come from must be observed (boyfriend not particularly keen…

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