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Idanre Hills


Went on a weekend trip with some family to Idanre. Idanre is an ancient town located in Ondo State in the South west of Nigeria. My family originally comes from there.Idanre is surrounded by hills and its people used to live up in the hills for over 100 years. Their town was fortified on the hills during wars and they lived there until they migrated down to the valleys after the death of a king. Up on the hills you…

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Happy Independence Nigeria!


Sorry it’s late on here….We have been on this journey not just since October 1, 1960 but since a bunch of British Colonial Masters decided to join different tribes, tongues and people together to form Nigeria. Not been an easy one…There have been many that have gone out there and given us a bad name…There have also been so many more Nigerians making positive contribution to the world globally! I love my country! We have suffered from corrupt leaders stealing…

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Adventure Journal

Re.Le Gallery…


Visited Re.Le Art Gallery over the weekend. It opened its doors in February 2015 on the Lagos Island…sitting precisely on 5 Military Street Onikan. On exhibition was; Interactions: Crossing Lines featuring works by Soji Adesina and Uthman Wahab. Keeping to its theme the art on the display crossed the lines from the canvas and interacted with its surrounding walls. Was mostly drawn to The Coffee and Cigarettes Series by Soji Adesina His body of work touched on bits of Cultural Imperialism; according to the artist drinking…

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Wine & Dine

Quick Drinks At The Eko…


Recently I saw Lauryn Hill perform in Lagos, the show started painfully late and we decided to pop into the bar at The Eko Hotel to wait it off. Loved the music, lighting, decor and lay out of the bar…Didn’t even know it existed till that day, must have walked past it a thousand times. The prices were also not as exorbitant as I assumed it would be, tried the Sexy Margarita and a Piña Colada and It tasted just right….The tapa’s…

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