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I got to see my sister Solange live earlier this year and it was superb…as expected! The spirit of excellence definitely runs in the family! She was the headliner at Piknik i parken (Picnic in the park). It rained the whole day but we came prepared rain coats and all. Solange is art and art is Solange. I think that sums it all up. Everything was in sync, sound, voice and her expressive dance moves. Her dancer’s moves were choreographed…

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Coldplay AHFOD TOUR 2016


Coldplay is one of the greatest bands ever! I am a conscious music lover….and their music does it for me…Seeing them live though is an experience on a whole other level. Magical! I called that night belting out my favourite Cold Play song ever; Fix You with the whole stadium lit up nothing but Magic! Before that night every time I listened to their music I dreamt about hearing it and seeing them perform it live! I am overjoyed¬†that it…

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