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You Woke…?


Catch yourself! Next time you wonder about why a thing is the way it is… after a person butts in and explains to you why… Before you nod and go ahaa, I see, …..Catch yourself! Turn whatever it is they have just said to you over and over again in your head. Do not just swallow it. Consider it. Question it…ask yourself… Is this what i think too? 3 Idiots is one of my favourite movies (you should see it)… I…

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Lippie Lover…


Hi I’m Caleb’s Girl and I am a Lippie Lover!!! Sure thats how i would introduce myself in ‘Lipstick Anonymous’ Absolutely love Lipstick/Balm… I can do without powder, mascara, brow pencil, blush, highlighter, contouring and the rest but never without colouring my lips and lining my eyelids! To be honest thats all I called make-up until 2016! So i am a makeup newbie really… 😀 I have pretty full lips ( the kind the Kardashians ‘pay for or draw on’ :-p )…

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The Walker Art Gallery


It’s Friday today and I flashback to some of my favourite pieces from The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. I have unfortunately forgotten the names of some of these pieces, so if you have been to the Walker and remember any of them feel free to drop a comment. 😉 ‘And When Did You Last See Your Father?’ by William Frederick Yeames R.A. ; A boy being questioned about the whereabout of his father during the English Civil WarA Summer Night by Albert MooreReally loved…

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