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Beauty In Heartbreak… Labrinth – Jealous


Artist: Labrinth Song: Jealous Album: Take me to the truth I had youtube on whilst writing my last post and this song came on… I immediately changed windows, listened, replayed replayed and replayed… Where was I when this song made the rounds in 2014? Raw, pure, heartbreak…in the music, every line and every lyric. It got me thinking about how much fire there is in unrequited love. Got me thinking of my first heartbreak..haha! Oh heavens! It kept me up…

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Coldplay AHFOD TOUR 2016


Coldplay is one of the greatest bands ever! I am a conscious music lover….and their music does it for me…Seeing them live though is an experience on a whole other level. Magical! I called that night belting out my favourite Cold Play song ever; Fix You with the whole stadium lit up nothing but Magic! Before that night every time I listened to their music I dreamt about hearing it and seeing them perform it live! I am overjoyed that it…

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On Repeat: Chris Brown – Back To Sleep


Tittle Track: Back To Sleep Album: Royalty Artist: Chris Brown R’n’B is not dead after all and on behalf of all the RnB Fans out there I say a big thank you to Chris Brown!!! He keeps doing it right, you may not like his person but his talent is undebatable…. I especially love the intro to the song, it has this 80’s smooth R’n’B feel to it… Gets me finger snapping and two stepping every time…. Such a smooth start.…

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Shut Up and Dance


Title Track: Shut Up + Dance Album: Talking is Hard (Track 3) Artists: Walk The Moon This song right here is my happy song… No matter what mood I am in, my feet and head move whenever it comes on, wherever I am! Oh I also grab my air mic and get into performance mode to that lyric: ‘Don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me, I said you’re holding back, she said Shut Up and Dance with…

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Cheerleader – OMI


Artist: OMI & Feli Jaehn Album: Unknown Title Track: Cheerleader Felix Jaehn Remix The popular saying everything good will happen at its time might not be a cliche after all. Cheerleader sung by Jamaican singer OMI was released in 2012 as a single! It gained popularity in his home country Jamaica, Dubai and Hawaii but it was not until 2014 that it became a hit single thanks to Felix Jaehns remix. This song is now currently sitting on the top…

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