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You a modern day pharisee?


I just finished watching the The Passion Of The Christ again on Netflix. It never gets old for me. I know non-spiritual people read my blog and if you have not watched it, you should whether or not you believe the story is real. Watch it cause it tells a story of a man who believed he was not ordinary, he believed he was born for a special purpose. To restore humanity to its creator, to change our ways of hate…

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You Woke…?


Catch yourself! Next time you wonder about why a thing is the way it is… after a person butts in and explains to you why… Before you nod and go ahaa, I see, …..Catch yourself! Turn whatever it is they have just said to you over and over again in your head. Do not just swallow it. Consider it. Question it…ask yourself… Is this what i think too? 3 Idiots is one of my favourite movies (you should see it)… I…

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They lied to us…

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A former classmate passed away recently and it threw me into a well of thoughts. She was rare! selfless, always with a smile and ready to talk to anyone. Her spirit was free, it was pure and her energy beautiful. I do not think I ever heard her say a negative thing about a person. You know that one in the group that is always the voice of reason whilst everyone else is trying to escalate an issue and calmly…

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Planning A Wedding – DIY or Not!


Yay! I am about to start planning our wedding/bryllup and will be sharing some parts of the process here… To start with, I am considering going the DIY way with many things… I mean it can’t be that terrible can it? and I think I’m quite good with organising. As a Yoruba girl I am going to have a Traditional Yoruba Wedding in addition to a Christian Wedding. Traditions where I come from must be observed (boyfriend not particularly keen…

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Library Music

Let Your Hair Down


Artist: Magic! Album: Don’t Kill The Magic Track No.: 3 Title Track: Let Your Hair Down In these times when it is increasingly difficult to find good new slow reggae, discovering Magic! has been magical [tongue out].  This song soothes my soul, from the crooner(s) behind the 2014 hit Rude, Let your hair down features on track 3 of the same album.With every listen I can almost see myself dancing on a Caribbean Island, can in hand 🙂 I think it…

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Got an Orange Jumpsuit as a gift and the first thing that came to my mind was; finally! I can rock the Inmate look! (haha) Thanks to the cast of the Netflix original; Orange Is The New Black the world famous Orange Inmate Jumpsuit has taken a stylish spin and become a cool and  staple style piece. I especially love the deep cut neckline, cinched waist and harem detail on this one. I have been waiting for Wednesday to rock it. Well,…

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I have come across a lot of people that do not drink water. By come across I mean hung out with them for a while and noticed they could go a whole day without a drop of water. They of course stay hydrated with sodas, fruit juices etcetera. Whenever I point this out to them, the most common answer I get is this; I don’t like water! Don’t like the taste of it. Some don’t even notice they have drunk…

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