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Like Lego.


So October 11 was International Day Of The Girl Child! Yaaay!…a day set apart just to celebrate the girl child! It has been tough tough tough being a girl…anyone else feel me in this struggle? Still love being a girl though! We girls get to go through a range of experiences in life…but being a woman has never been easy and is even more difficult in today’s world. (We earned this day) So many expectations of a woman. Many of them not set…

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Sadie Sadie Married Lady…..That’s Me!


Yep… that’s me! Signed sealed and delivered. February, July and August will never be the same again. Getting married was a lot of fun…Stressful with the planning but so much fun we did it three times…haha :p cause third times a charm right? We had the civil, traditional Nigerian and christian ceremony over those three months respectively. For the civil ceremony like almost everyone else we had close family go with us to sign those papers and a cozy dinner afterwards…We…

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Something Borrowed!


Long time no post! haha, Life has been BZ for me and will continue to be so until after August. Soon after that though I will be back! On to today’s matter. *SPOILERS AHEAD* So Something Borrowed…this movie is about two childhood best friends. Racheal and Darcy… Darcy is the pretty blonde air head of the two whose outgoing personality always dominates Racheal’s reserved one. Racheal is in Law School and really really likes this guy Dex and it seems he…

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To someone else you are all wrong!


Yes, its International Womens Day! It is nice to have a day set aside for women. We do a lot to make this world go round and have come a very very verrrrry looooong way. Can I just say; the notion that the woman plays second fiddle to the man is as true as the wicked lie that the white race is the most superior in our wold. You woman, living in today’s world; serving in the army, driving a…

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Spent my weekend on a group cabin trip to the mountains…Specifically Monsetertoppen in Hafjell… The nature up there was breathtaking. Freezing temperatures but beautiful snow capped views and a pleasant group made it all worth it… Did not attempt skiing or snow boarding though…I wasn’t reaaaaddyyyy (financially too, haha), went for short hikes with plans in my head for snowboarding the next time I go up there! Going on cabin trips to the mountains also known as ‘Hyttetur’ in norwegian is a…

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Library Music

Leon Bridges


Where have you been all my life Leon Bridges? Stumbled upon Rivers sometime last month on youtube and I have quickly become a Fan! -quick info about him before we get to the music- So he from Texas and he style is 1950’s 60’s smooth soul r n b jazz miss. Not just in his music but also his closet. He is currently signed to Columbia Records, he worked as a dish washer and made music on the side till…

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Maxwell on a Foggy Friday…


Smooth music to begin my weekend today… If you enjoy listening to soul, jazz, neo-soul type of music and like Maxwell here are my 5 most favourite tunes from him… Enjoy..x 1. Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) – ‘shouldn’t I realise, your the highest of the high, if you don’t know then i’ll say it so don’t ever wonder…’  <3 2. Pretty Wings – ‘if I can’t have you, let love set you free to fly your pretty wings around…’  <3 3. Get…

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I am still changing…


I am not the same person I was 5 years ago. I have changed a whole lot. Life and what I have experienced in 5 years have changed me. Is there a choice at the root of change…absolute yes! Things happen that cause us to give life a different look. We pause, review, we learn new things about life, our journey and discover things about ourselves. To move on from where we are, we have to make a choice to stay the same people…

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