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Get Out – The Movie


Hi guys, been a long minute since i wrote anything on here! I’ve been busy settling in to my ‘new life’…can’t wait to find my rhythm and be back on here full time! So yes i made out time to see Get Out at the cinemas :p  and that movie is dypeeeeee! If you have not seen it and you are the ‘no spoilers’ type of person i suggest you stop reading at the full stop that ends this sentence.…

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Library Movie

Chef – 5 Reasons To See It.


Watched Chef last year and it has become one of my favourite movies of all time. Here’s a brief summary of the start of the movie first before I list my 5 reasons to see it.   ‘Chef is a 2014 movie about Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) the head chef at a restaurant in Los Angeles whose wings are being clipped by the restaurant owner who wants Carl to stick to his classic menu. Carl has newer fresher menu ideas but has…

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