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Sleek Contour Kit – Dark


Hiyaaaa, since i got a make-over I have been on a make-up adventure. My make-up purse got some new residents one of which is The Sleek Contour & Highlight Kit.  So I love loved the way contouring and highlighting transformed my face. I have high cheekbones so enhancing them with make up was a no-brainer. There is no helping my Jackson Five Nostrils though… 😛 Creamy contour and highlight products were used both times I got a make-over…although I loved…

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Osondi Owendi….

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I like to think that I am divergent….Can’t be confined to a box, category or stereotype. Can’t be described as anything but me… My interests vary, I am very much an introvert but can throw that away in a second and be the life of a party once i choose to (I think so 😀 )…So I am an ambivert right? Nah don’t think so…. I am a conscious Black African, I am awake and know what it means to…

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Lippie Lover…


Hi I’m Caleb’s Girl and I am a Lippie Lover!!! Sure thats how i would introduce myself in ‘Lipstick Anonymous’ Absolutely love Lipstick/Balm… I can do without powder, mascara, brow pencil, blush, highlighter, contouring and the rest but never without colouring my lips and lining my eyelids! To be honest thats all I called make-up until 2016! So i am a makeup newbie really… 😀 I have pretty full lips ( the kind the Kardashians ‘pay for or draw on’ :-p )…

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Got a Make Over!


Long overdue post!!!…Not huge on wearing make-up everyday and this is why I do not  have dedicated beauty section on my blog…I mean I cannot do without lipsticks and lining my eyelids, but thats about how far I go on a regular day! I make an effort with mascara, powder, eyeshadow and blush when I have too. I am also absolutely useless when it comes to wearing eyeshadow though…and I really like eyeshadow…gah! Recently I was a bridesmaid for my…

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Library Music

Let Your Hair Down


Artist: Magic! Album: Don’t Kill The Magic Track No.: 3 Title Track: Let Your Hair Down In these times when it is increasingly difficult to find good new slow reggae, discovering Magic! has been magical [tongue out].  This song soothes my soul, from the crooner(s) behind the 2014 hit Rude, Let your hair down features on track 3 of the same album.With every listen I can almost see myself dancing on a Caribbean Island, can in hand 🙂 I think it…

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The Walker Art Gallery


It’s Friday today and I flashback to some of my favourite pieces from The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. I have unfortunately forgotten the names of some of these pieces, so if you have been to the Walker and remember any of them feel free to drop a comment. 😉 ‘And When Did You Last See Your Father?’ by William Frederick Yeames R.A. ; A boy being questioned about the whereabout of his father during the English Civil WarA Summer Night by Albert MooreReally loved…

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