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Roaming Around: British Museum


The British Museum is too big to see in a day. I’lld probably recommend a full week to go through the entire building. I still don’t think you will have had a proper proper look in the end… 😀 There was just too much stuff in there! Tip: you have to set out in the morning as they close 5pm sharp…or was it 4…We breezed through the Egyptian, Greek and African sections, saw the famous Nigerian Ibeji Twins and Cleopatra’s…

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Osondi Owendi….

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I like to think that I am divergent….Can’t be confined to a box, category or stereotype. Can’t be described as anything but me… My interests vary, I am very much an introvert but can throw that away in a second and be the life of a party once i choose to (I think so 😀 )…So I am an ambivert right? Nah don’t think so…. I am a conscious Black African, I am awake and know what it means to…

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Who Stole My Bag!


A month ago my car was burgled in Lagos. Crazy thing is same thing happened to me last year and after that I stopped leaving valuable things in my car. This time around I was prepared, my car was empty so they decided to open the trunk and unfortunately stole my salon bag. They carried my bag with my Shea Moisture Shea Shampoo and Conditioner, Cantu Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner, Pure Coconut Oil, Freida Heat Protector, African Pride Olive Oil Moisturiser,…

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