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Sushi Samba


For my birthday last month we dined at Sushi Samba.

IMG_7116 IMG_7118IMG_7119IMG_7089IMG_7120 IMG_7121IMG_7032IMG_7051 IMG_7058Sushi Samba serves a blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian food on the 38th and 39th floors of Heron Towers, Bishopsgate, London…We stuck to Japanese as I had a craving for sushi as always. The sushi was great and pricey, the soy sauce a bit too salty. The ambience and view I will say is what we paid for that day. Next time I go there I will be trying something Brazilian or Peruvian. This is not to say the Sushi was not good, it was, especially the California Maki…buuuuut I have had amazing sushi elsewhere and paid much less than our bill that evening.IMG_7046They also have on their menu the 1kg Kobe Ishiyaki Beef which is ‘one of the world’s most prestigious and revered Japanese products.’ Sushi Samba is one of the few restaurants around the world certified to serve Kobe Beef by the Japanese government. I hear the cattle are massaged and taken proper care of which is one of the many reasons the beef taste amazing? May be one day I will go in a group and order that off the menu…It costs £1,000.00 by the way 😛IMG_7057The view of London from the restaurant and elevator ride up will knock your breath a little, we had a couple of drinks and waited for it to get dark to enjoy the lights…IMG_7090IMG_7127IMG_7108IMG_7098Will I go again? Yeesss…It is pricey but good for a treat to from time to time… It is also a very good spot for drinks in the city.

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