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I got to see my sister Solange live earlier this year and it was superb…as expected! The spirit of excellence definitely runs in the family! She was the headliner at Piknik i parken (Picnic in the park).

It rained the whole day but we came prepared rain coats and all. Solange is art and art is Solange. I think that sums it all up. Everything was in sync, sound, voice and her expressive dance moves. Her dancer’s moves were choreographed to perfection. Most of the songs performed were off her third explosive album; ‘A Seat At The Table’ but of course she performed songs from her previous albums one of which was T.O.N.Y. (one of my best Solange songs)

If you have never listened to Solange and ever wondered what she is all about…I encourage you to give ‘A Seat At The Table’  a try. This is definitely her best body of work. The entire album is about empowerment. It talks about the injustice black america is facing. Solange gets a lot off her chest about systematic racism and white privilege. It is Solange singing about the issues on her mind. It is music with a message.

It is about rejecting what society says about you…about embracing yourself quirks and all. My favourite tracks off the album are definitely ‘FUBU’, ‘Weary’, ‘Rise’ and of course ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’. Although her sound is a mix of several genres I consider Solange a neo-soul artist.

Her set was a full blood moon (lunar eclipse). Everyone was dressed in red with a red circle as the back drop and the stage flooded with red light..(see pictures) The light blended her in with her band! You almost could not tell her apart except for her unique hair style, vocals and moves. That is Solange isn’t it? all about her art and not that ‘diva/celebstar life’.

It was raw talent up on that stage! Solange is one to see unplugged! Her energy was amazing…I felt we didn’t pay enough for what we got that day. Everything was art! We were all blown away. She took us all on a beautiful trip that evening.

I dof my hat at Solange’s Artistry. Like lauryn, Adele and the rest she is in a class of her own!


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