Snackers Anonymous!


I am addicted to snacking; Skittles, Kettle Chips, Doritos, Fruit Snacks, McCoy’s, Peanuts, Pop-Corn, Cookies, Plantain Chips, Oreos, …Name It and I snack It 😀

You know the saying you cannot solve a problem until you first identify ‘IT’ as a problem…I finally identified as a ‘snack addict’ towards the close of 2015 and committed myself to imaginary ‘snackers anonymous’…haha!

Why? Cause I got so bad I wouldn’t go anywhere without a snack within reach or couldn’t fully do anything without a pack of fruit snack or crisps laying around…snacking is just comforting isn’t it? Any other snack addict here? Why do you think you snack a lot? Is it a form of coping with being restless? or are you yet to identify you have a problem?

Since I identified my problem I have began to make a change by substituting my snacks. (I still snack cheat from time to time…Rome was not built in a day). Till I can completely eliminate the urge to snack I’ll substitute my snacks.

Now instead of going everywhere with a pack of crisps or plantain chips, I have a  pack of almonds in my bag. This is to try to stop me from getting something else when the cravings begin. Very grateful for this…although almonds get boring, they have helped tremendously….

I also started snacking on ‘Avocados’…Love Love Love them! I have them with shrimps in the hollow as a sort of in-between meal and sometimes even as dinner. Drinking freshly squeezed juice has also helped me avoid eating unhealthy snacks… Of course my half a grapefruit a day strategy has also helped.

How do I manage to walk past the ‘snackers isle’ at the supermarket…I think about all the horrible things they do to my body and run for my body and life…haha…

Share any useful tips you may have to help with successfully making it out of snackers anonymous!…May the force be with you..x



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