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Hiyaaaa, since i got a make-over I have been on a make-up adventure. My make-up purse got some new residents one of which is The Sleek Contour & Highlight Kit.  So I love loved the way contouring and highlighting transformed my face. I have high cheekbones so enhancing them with make up was a no-brainer. There is no helping my Jackson Five Nostrils though… 😛

Creamy contour and highlight products were used both times I got a make-over…although I loved the finished look I was not too comfortable with ‘cream based products’. Somewhere in my head I believe my skin absorbs cream based products faster and because most of these products tend to have ‘toxic chemicals’ in them I try to minimize how much I use them or avoid using them.

Decided to go for a powder based kit,(-Pls share any good powder based contour kits you know guys-) I did some research online and settled on Sleek H&C Kit. Was initially not too impressed with some of the finished Sleek H&C  looks I saw online…Seemed the powder just sat on the faces,  but the text reviews were all positive so I went for it.




IMG_3918I took lessons from  ‘Youtube Highlight and Contour School’ so my technique is pretty much basic 😉 I however use my sculpting brush to apply my contour first, then my highlight. I highlight instead of contour my temples and I use my fingers to highlight my nose, cupids bow and chin…Then I blend with a beauty blender…I absolutely love the soft glow the H&C kit gives my face. I like this whole -‘bronze-golden-glow’ look on women of colour these days…(who does Nia Long’s make up??? If I can look like that everyday man… 😀 ) …The Sleek H & C kit gets me feeling like I am close though…. *Love*


In the beginning I thought the contouring powder was not dark enough for my skin tone… If your skin tone is similar to mines, you might have the same impression first time you use it…Not to worry though, applying it generously solved that…Now I see its effect in sculpting them cheek bones. Can you?

Planning to try the IMAN kit as well and then choose which one to stick to…Do share any good powder based contouring kits and techniques you know….even if they are eyebrows techniques…Especially if they are eyebrow techniques… 😉

By George I will get your look Nia!!!… :-p  X

Music: How Deep Is Your Love

Artist: Calvin Harris, Disciples.

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