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Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn’s Debut Book *Spoiler Alert*

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Most of you will know Gone Girl the movie…well before the movie was the book. Naturally the book is much! much! much! better than the movie. I devoured Gone Girl…was intrigued by the authors writing…and went for her debut novel Sharp Objects. I have FINALLY  finished it, will give it a C-.

Sharp Objects is about the disappearance of two little girls in a small town (i don’t remember where now) in America. Camille Preaker a Chicago based reporter is sent back to her home town to investigate and cover it. She reluctantly answers the call of duty and drives down.

The town is clearly a weird one…a small ‘cultish’ type of town where secrets are kept away from outsiders. Camille stays with her mother who she has a bad relationship with. The body of one of the girls is found and everyone starts to suspect the deceased’s brother of the murder. Everyone except Camille and the other out of towner- Officer Richard who is investigating the case.

We find out Camille was born out of wedlock to her mother at a young age and I start to think this might be the reason her mother dislikes her. Her mother married and had another daughter who she preferred to Camille. She however passed away. I start to think ok…may be the trauma of loosing a sister and a child caused their problems.

Then we are told Camille’s mother suffered a great deal with her own mom. She did not receive wholesome love from her mother. I then start to think aha! that is the problem…. Turns out Camille’s mother is sick in the head and has done so may horrid things due to her mental state. Camille has also suffered from self-abuse and I reckon growing up with a psyco mom is the reason why…I conclude the mother is the killer and I am satisfied. It all makes sense. Gillian however throws in a lot minute twist for us all.

It was a let down for me. It was predictable, and that last minute twist was not that great, I didn’t get hit by that ‘Wowzer didn’t see that coming’ effect. I think if she had written her mom to be the killer it would have been a better read. However I appreciate the way she portrays the family though…The psyco runs in their blood.

Overall…read only when you do not have anything else to read. I struggled to read this one. Her second book Dark Places is on my list.

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