Santa Helena Beach Resort Crete, Greece.


At the mention of Greece everyone’s mind goes to the beautiful white coastal houses on Santorini. There are many other magical places Greece has to offer that would not drill a hole in your pocket such as Platanias in Crete, Greece’s biggest island. We stayed at Santa Helena Beach Resort off the main street in Platanias. The main street is littered with restaurants, hair salons, supermarkets, tourist companies and shops!

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Santa Helena is a 4 star hotel and offers four types of apartment styled rooms. Depending on your room you may get beautiful views of the beach. You get the option to include breakfast in your reservation or pay as you go, best to include it in. Breakfast was at the open air restaurant close to the beach and ran from 8 – 10AM. Eating every morning with that view was divine. The food options to me was alright, the usual eggs, bread, pancakes, sausages and all. What I loved the most was the fresh orange juice! They had this machine that squeezes the oranges as you push the button. Greek oranges are juicy and delicious!IMG_0260IMG_0388 IMG_0386 IMG_0392IMG_0241

Santa Helena has 3 pools; a juniors pool for babies, and two others for kids/adults. The pool bar was open until very late. Loved the chicken nuggets and smoothies from there.IMG_0263 IMG_0265 IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0249On to the beach! It was beautiful and warm. Although the beach beds were complimentary, they were limited. After a day or two of hunting for empty beds at the beach/pool, we learned to go straight to the beach after breakfast to place our towels on beds and secure them! Loved that the hotel handed out complimentary water to everyone at the beach/pool (it’s the little things!). The sand was quite stoney out there and  some days the waves were a bit rough but all the same I went into the water! I grew up with really rough beaches in Lagos, Nigeria and never dared to go further than running to place my feet in the water as the waves hit the shore. Squashed that fear on this holiday. Water sports were also possible at this beach (parasailing). You could also get a massage on the beach. I did and was knocked out the rest of the day. So good!

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Useful information:

Location: Platanias main street (1.45 mins from Chania Airport) €50-60 Taxi

Booking: We booked through Apollo and got a good deal (flights + accommodation).

Distance from restaurants/shops/beach: Less than 5 minutes. Ilios a supermarket direct opposite

Facilities: Gym, Childrens play room, Restaurant, Wifi, Cleaning, Kitchen in the rooms.

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