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Anyone else watched the movie or read the book? Room? I finished reading the book last week and then watched the movie. Although I really loved Jacob Tremblay’s portrayal of Jack. The movie in comparison to the book was a let down as usual…


Room is a story about Joy (Name from the movie). She was taken by a man (Old Nick) when she was 19. On her way to University she met Old Nick who pretended to have a hurt dog…She went to help and he put her in his truck and drove away.

He has kept her in his secure heavily locked shed in his compound. He has a security door with access codes only he knows.. The shed is completely sound proof and only has a skylight to let some sunshine in. Joy is kept in this shed for 7 years. She was taken at 19.

2 years into her abuse she gets pregnant and has a son Jack for her abductor. Jack spends the first 5 years of his life in a world simply known as Room! He has developed relationships with everything in Room; the bed, bath, toilet, wardrobe, skylight, spoon (meltedy spoon), the fridge, Dora, Barney, everything in TV world and his Ma (Joy).


Joy believes he is too young to understand what has happened to her so she tells him Room is the world and everything outside Room is space. She tells him everything on TV is not real, they are pictures, they watch TV commercials on mute. She makes him sleep in wardrobe every evening before her abuser comes into Room.

They have developed all sorts of activities to keep them busy; they sing together, read a lot of books, physical education to stay fit and some activities Jack does not understand like screaming at skylight and turning lamp on and off under skylight. They also have Sunday treats. Old Nick gives them something nice on Sundays.

She tells Jack Old Nick is from space and he (Jack) might be in danger if Old Nick sees him. Old nick visits by 9pm every evening. Jack hears him when he comes in. He also hears and counts the creaks he makes in bed with Ma.The book and Movie begins on the morning of his fifth birthday…He gets a toy car from Old Nick and one night Jack curiously controls the car from inside wardrobe towards the bed…Old Nick is startled and thinks Ma is trying to attack him.

Old Nick has also been laid off so for the next two days he cuts off their power supply.


Joy gets fed up and is convinced that Old Nick will soon get rid of them when he cannot afford to keep them there anymore. She tells Jack he has to be a hero and save them. Firstly she tries to pretend Jack is ill and for two days during the power outage they do not flush the toilet to create the impression he has been puking and is critically ill. She gags herself and rubs the puke on Jacks face and also warms up his body temperature.


Unfortunately, that didn’t work as Old Nick insist on getting him drugs instead of taking him to the emergency. She then goes a step further and tells Jack he has to be brave and play dead to be taken out to be buried by Old Nick and then make a run for it to get help…. I’ll stop with the spoilers here.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The movie not so much. The story is about a bond between a mother and child. How accepting change can be a struggle, how we ask for something and when we get it struggle to adjust to it. How perception shapes our beliefs and the cruelty of humanity…7 years of abduction is traumatic!

My heart was in my mouth the entire time Jack had to carry out their escape plans, he was such a brave child!…I highly recommend this book to everyone. After reading this book I promised myself to be extra careful with my kids when I have some.. What I loved the most about the story is it is entirely told from the perspective of the kid – Jack

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