If you read my journal you will probably notice I write a lot about living…I can’t help it! The thing is it feels like I found this secret I need to tell everyone about… it’s really simple – Life is a short journey!- Don’t fall into the trick of thinking it is long.

Have you ever sat with older people and listened to them reminisce about their youth, the good old days…With their eyes gleaming? Sometimes you will notice a sense of sadness in the gleamer in their eyes, its sweet and sour…Pay attention and you will hear the sad tune of ‘time gone by’ playing…Time they cannot buy back.

You will hear in the unsaid how much they wished they lived a little more when they had the energy to. If you pay close attention you might even see some envy in their eyes for your youth.

What do you think they would do if they had your youth for a day?

One day in 2009, I woke up. I became conscious of the fact that I am a witness to the universe. I realised what a precious thing that was. To be alive, to be part of humanity, to be a resident of planet earth, to have lived. It is such a privilege. It is a token…I am here!

We all believe in different theories on how we arrived here and where we are going after yes? Well heres mine on what we are to do in between our arrival and depature dates… Live!

Life is for living…experiencing it all, growing, crying, laughing, sharing moments, travelling. It is about developing your soul and mind. It is about your spirit growing! It is about seeing life through different eyes and learning something valuable from the different perspectives… Seeing life the Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Australian, Brazilian way. I do not know what is in a baby’s mind when it is born but what I do know is the time between it’s arrival and departure should be used to stretch its mind and soul by experiencing life!

Let me put it this way…If someone gave you the keys to a huge estate right on the coast in the South of France and left you to live there till he returned back, would you go in, pick one room and simple exist and enter the estate from that room till he returns or would you explore the entire estate? Would you really just stay in one room?

Fastforward to your 70 year old self with me real quick…would you want to be sat with your friends talking about how great life was with a sad sad gleamer in your eyes or would you want to be sat down, laughing hard with your friends, happy and surprised that you made it that far?

No not asking you to be reckless…I’m asking you to live! You did not create yourself or the world…sometimes you need to leave the big stuff you can’t figure out alone and just live!

What makes you happy and is good for your soul??? Identifying this is usually a good place to start living…

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