Random Musings: Here to make it better….

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Our world is a mystery and we have numerous theories on how we all got here, some of these theories also include a prediction of where we are all going. Growing up in an African christian family, tales of creation, rapture, judgement day and heaven were hammered in not only on Sundays at church. I lived with a ‘holy good fear’ that God was watching me at all times and my actions will determine whether or not I make it to Heaven.

This has been on my mind lately… how we tend to place a lot of emphasis on the ‘How and Where’ part whilst forgetting the most important question; Why we are here.

I guess trying to gain an understanding of the ‘Why’ question often leads us to question the ‘How’….but does that really matter though? How we got here…A big explosion, by a creator or by aliens. Does that matter much? Does it matter where we go from here? Should we be concerned with that?

Isn’t what we are meant to be doing here…in this world the most important question? Is it not enough to play your part, play it well and then leave the rest to whoever is responsible for it? No one chose to be born into this world, generally people have no control over when or how we go out of it. However what you choose to do here, whilst you are alive… is entirely your choice and responsibility – This is what matters.

Deep down inside we all have a sense of right and wrong…If you say you don’t then I ask you this; Do you want good things to happen to you in your lifetime? More good things than bad? If your answer is yes then you know the difference. I believe we are all born into this world  to make it a better place. To increase the good in it. In whatever minute way we can, in whatever obscure job we are currently working in. There is a bigger picture and we all have a role to play in it.

Don’t you think if there really is an afterlife what would potentially matter is what you have done with your immediate past life? Generally we choose to reward and advance people that have done well in their current or last position right? Thats how we select people to be rewarded. Well perhaps the same logic applies with eternity and we should be focused on living right! Taking what we have right now and making it better.

Have you ever pondered on how much of a gift it is to be part of the universe, this unique mysterious system. It is a gift you have been given. Use your time positively…Help the system…play your part whilst you can and leave the rest…the parts you don’t understand.

…It is not for you to understand…Focus on the here and now…You are here, on planet earth right now…How are you making it a better place? How have you increased the good you want in it? …What are you doing with your time?



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