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Quickie: Avocado x Prawns


Honestly this has become my quickie for when I am starving and need a fix!…It takes less that 30mins to whip up and is healthy..What more could a  girl ask for?

What you need:

An Avocado or 2? As you prefer.

Shrimps or Prawns. I usually have 150g and prefer using prawns instead shrimps.


Boil Prawns in hot water and season how you like. I tend to add salt, black pepper and some chilli. Leave to boil for 15-20 minutes. (They cook fast so do not over cook them). Sometimes I add a drop or two of Olive Oil in.

Cut Avocado in half, remove centre…I usually use my fingers to spread a mixture of olive oil, black pepper and salt inside the hollow of the avocado.

Pop cooked delicious prawns into your juicy avocado and enjoy! This is works well as a in between meals snack and could also work for a meal depending on how big your appetite is.

You might want to add a dash of lemon to your cooked prawns in the avocado. I have not tried that yet but have this feeling it will taste amazing…

Love it!

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