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Quick Drinks At The Eko…


Recently I saw Lauryn Hill perform in Lagos, the show started painfully late and we decided to pop into the bar at The Eko Hotel to wait it off.

Loved the music, lighting, decor and lay out of the bar…Didn’t even know it existed till that day, must have walked past it a thousand times. The prices were also not as exorbitant as I assumed it would be, tried the Sexy Margarita and a Piña Colada and It tasted just right….The tapa’s were not so impressive in my opinion.

Made enquiries and was told they also have a live band entertain on the weekdays. I have unfortunately forgotten the day now but I am definitely going to pay another visit very soon… You should check it out if your in Lagos anytime…






It is tucked away in a corner opposite the reception of the hotel and called Crossroads… It’s Mexican..x

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