Finding purpose, what makes us feel alive…what gets us up in the morning and keeps us up at night…what drives us…can take  a journey of a lifetime to find.

I am not there yet but getting closer every day now. I have chosen not to live any other way other than with purpose. The world’s population is what…around 7 Billion. A lot of us in that number are wandering the earth with no direction.

It is good to wander…I mean to find yourself you first have to be lost right? So to me it is ok to wander but not to wander for long… Wandering with purpose to me makes a better adventure. We discover new things about the world and ourselves when we allow ourselves wander with purpose.

Sometimes I think I have wandered all I can in my past lives (If that exists). I feel i am in a race against time to quickly identify what I am here for and execute it. I have always felt unsatisfied with living the normal life…Living and working for money. It is very important to do(this is the way the world works) that but there is a restlessness in me for more. I kinda feel life was not designed to be lived completely that way. The systems of the word have shaped it so.


Found this picture online somewhere and thought to share it here. This simple exercise has given me even more clarity this morning on my purpose….What to do with my consciousness! I really hope I can empty myself of all that is inside of me before going 6 feet under…I hope you do too.

How It Works

Get a piece of paper.

Fill out your answers to each question in their respective circle

Write out what you find common in each circle in the ‘inter-connected spaces’.

Whatever you notice reoccurs in every connected space could be your purpose. Only you would know that if it resounds within you.



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