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Potato Pottage.


Trying to get back on a clean diet…To stay healthy yes, but mainly to loose some fat! *tears* By the way are you following me on Instagram yet? the handle is @calebslilgirl…do that if you’re not!

I love Yam… A lot! Clink the link if you don’t know what vegetable that is…So earlier this year I tried to make a pot of yam pottage but unfortunately the tuber I bought from a dodgy store somewhere in Grønland, Oslo  was spoilt on the inside…Think it cost about Kr70/£7 too… Painful!

So i decided to swap vegetables! Looked for and found a Potato Pottage Recipe on and concluded I can do without the risk of buying bad yams for a while. Cooked some up about a week ago and thought to share my slightly different recipe…


* Potatoes cut into cube sizes – Quantity depends on servings

* Chopped Spinach

* Tomatoes ( I use 1 can plum tomatoes)

* Half Onion

* Scotch Bonnet Pepper (2 or 3 depending on how much heat you can take :p)

* Olive Oil, Salt, Bouillon Cubes, Black Pepper

* Shrimps

* Diced Chicken/Beef according to your preference


* Seasoned and boiled the chicken.

* Boiled the shrimps in chicken broth.

* Blended my tomato plums with 2 scotch bonnet pepper and onions

* Heated some olive oil in a cooking pot and poured in blended tomatoes, pepper and onions

* Left to cook for about 15 mins.

* Added seasonings listed above, stirred and left for 5mins about

* Added cube sized Potatoes in with a little hot water.( Ensure the water and potatoes are on the same level)

* Stirred, tasted broth and because of the water re-added relevant seasoning as needed.

* Left to cook till Potato softened.

* Added Chicken/Beef and Shrimps.

* Last thing I added was my Chopped Spinach.

I also added a little bit of my chicken broth for flavour… Vær så god! 😀

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