Polo In The Park.


Went Polo last weekend and it was such fun!!! Much different fun from Ascot. I think for one the crowd is much more youthful and relaxed at Polo. My first time going for Polo in The Park and it was much more fun than all my previous outings to Polo. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it as a fun day out to anyone planning to summer in London…


White was a no brainer choice for me to Polo. With BBC Weather as our guide we got tickets for the final day off their website for £35  jumped on the district line to Putney Bridge and had an absolute blast in the sun… It was cooking! Can I just say here how beautiful Putney and Parsons Green are? The lushness of that neighbourhood is…It’s no wonder they have Polo grounds. Would go back for a day just to explore Putney/Parsons Green.

IMG_5970IMG_5782The grounds was littered with a Lanson Champagne bar, many shops, food stands and restaurants…A fair and Polo all in one. The prices of the items in the store though…We walked into one and didn’t bother with the rest…Like this one with real fur for sale…hahaha!IMG_5771IMG_5763IMG_5766IMG_5767


Beautiful souls I shared the day with..x



Polo Rules



Selfie O Clock!



Boots For Rent/Sale

IMG_5844After settling in with our drinks we watched the first match which was the final between the runners up; Team New York v Dubai and then the subsidiary final match between Team London V Team Buenos Aires…..Last match was the Polo in the Park Final between Team Hong Kong V Team Marrakech.


The sun was good to us!


Full Outfitsssss…..Looking soo good! We aint sorry!


Ren and Ro are pure joy! My most fav photo on that day!


Hope we laugh on Ro…Love ya!

IMG_5793 IMG_5792

IMG_5891 IMG_5892IMG_5938IMG_5947 IMG_5949 IMG_5934 IMG_5943

IMG_5941The sun was cooking so we got some ice-cream! In between matches we were asked to come on the field to help pat the grass down…Lovely pretty woman moment as some of the ladies said…. 🙂 Well I patted down some but then just continued taking pictures…The day was just too beautiful!IMG_5883


Cooking Sun

IMG_5896 IMG_5903

IMG-20160605-WA0109 IMG-20160605-WA0112After ice-cream and before the final we went to the Maliki tent to cool off with more drinks and some dancing :-p we watched the final from there.


Very generous portions of Pina Coladas

IMG_5910 IMG_5912 IMG_5911 IMG_5924Bumped into some fun facts and took a snap of one with Lagos city on it. Didn’t see them play this year though…may be next time.20160605_184518-220160605_184526


Ready for the final!


Runners Up team Marrakech with the Winners Team Hong Kong in Black


Polo In The Park 2016 Winners – Team Hong Kong. Two time defending Champs

Such good fun…Looking forward to going Polo In the Park again…



Groupie with a member of the winning team Charles Wooldridge

Was a brilliant sunday at Polo…not going to forget this experience anytime soon…x

P.S. Love Izzy Bizu’s take on ‘Make You Sweat (A la la la la long’ currently on my summer playlist 🙂

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