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Pangasius in 30


Pangasius are a type of shark looking catfish native to Asia. They are easy to cook, go with many seafood recipes and are a good source of protein.

Things You Will Need:

*Pangasius Fillet – Check your local supermarket.

* A Whole Lemon(Cut in two equal parts, juice one half. Cut other half in round shapes)

*Green or Red Peppers (I prefer red for color)

*Tomatoes (Cut in Small Pieces)

*Black Pepper




*Brokolli (Cut in small pieces)

*Coconut or Olive Oil (I prefer Coconut)

*Non-Stick Pan


-Heat your oil in the pan (very little oil)

-Add your chopped Brokolli, Red Peppers and Tomatoes, season and stir fry for 5 minutes.

– Add the Fillet in the centre and season top side.

– Pour some lemon juice on top side and add lemon slices on the fillet, stir vegetables to the top and cover to cook top side for 10 minutes.

-Open and flip to other side, add spices, pour rest of lemon juice. Leave to cook for another 10minutes. Cook till water dries up a little but not completely.

I had mine with a side of shrimp salad. You can try it with a side of couscous, quinoa, or potatoes.

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