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Why won’t we just let ourselves be? This is one thing that bugs me the most about human nature. I am guilty of it sometimes! Once I notice someone’s not conforming to my idea of how they should be…I struggle a little…

I get upset at why they cannot see things the way I see them or why their lifestyle choices or lifestyle in general is not aligned with what I think to be ideal! I confess I am guilty of it! I usually end up sighing and saying these things to myself; ‘It’s not your problem’ ‘As long as they are happy’ ‘You just have to accept people how they are’

Underlined ‘It’s not my problem’ because in addition to it not being my problem to start with, there is no problem at all! So far as this person has not come to me to complain about their lifestyle, no problem exists except the one cooking in my head. This person is very much ok and pleased with their life and their choices!

We are all different! Problem arises when we refuse to accept our differences! When we cannot wrap our heads around why a person does not fit into our idea of what they should be.

Truth is we are all humans and thus have absolutely no authority over how another person should live their life. You can give advise where needed but then please move on…The person has freewill to accept or ignore your advise.

Now to the religious….This is not about God, you are not fighting for God.

Come on, He is the Almighty right? He created the entire universe, in its vastness with its billion galaxies known and unknown. Have you ever stopped to think for a second how big the being behind that is? Have you realised God does not need you to fight for him? Do you really think the being responsible for existence is that petty?  Do you really think he shakes in Heaven when you mistakenly address him with ‘a small g rather than a big G???’

If you believe your God is bothered by humanity’s pettiness…. I seriously think you do not know what you worship…..

I have my personal faith, I believe in a designer… call Him God or whatever you prefer…It’s all human language…but at the same time I am beginning to loathe Religious dogma…

We are all different but so is the rainbow, not one colour on it is the same but together, side by side it is beautiful…It is only when we accept our differencesnthat we can have peace…But I worry, I am working on accepting people for who they are, I have found so much peace in this…but will this ever be possible for all of humanity? Can we all learn to live together with our differences?

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