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One Day is a romantic drama about two friends….Dexter (Jim Sturgess) is a upper class rich boy, Emma (Anne Hathaway) is a middle class working girl. The movie begins on July 15, St Swithin’s Day. They graduate from The University of Edinburgh, spend that night together..not having sex but kissing and then snuggling and sleeping.One-DayOne-Day-Theatrical-StillEmma is a bit of a socially awkward girl, She is probably a 5/10…She is weird in a cute way. Dexter is the cool rich boy who can get any girl he wants. He is probably an 8/10. They both feel this way about each other despite their feelings and so out of fear (My Theory) they decide to be friends, even though they have strong chemistry. They choose to ignore it because somewhere in her mind she does not believe she stands a chance with a guy like Dexter, he is not her type, he is a man whore, she would not be able to handle him.Same goes for Dexter, he simply is what Emma says he is. He has feelings for Emma from the first day but does not know how to deal with it; ‘She is not his type’. She makes it clear they don’t stand a chance together and he simply agrees with Emma and goes on being the douche bag she says he is. Even though he knows within himself that he adores Emma, he is afraid to explore it. He probably cannot deal with hurting they remain friends for 20 years. He dates other women and she dates other men but they cannot find satisfaction in their partners.  Every July 15 they make sure they meet up to catch up on their lives, in person or over the phone. They do not give their feelings for each other a chance until he has been through a divorce and she becomes an accomplished writer, comes into her own and gains her own confidence.article-1375240-0B7D447D00000578-543_634x653They hook up, get married, and have about 2 amazing years together and then tragically Emma dies…

Its bitter sweet story is the reality of a lot of people wandering this planet. Who have manage to convince themselves not to take a chance on something; changing cities, moving abroad, loving someone, changing careers…etc

These two people found magic in each other but were afraid to explore it until they had very little time left. It took them 20 years to get bold, to be honest, to allow themselves love one another.

How long is it taking you to do that thing buried deep down in your mind? How long is it taking you to pursue the one you love?….Life is for living… Take risks, follow your dreams whilst you still have time…

This movie is one of my most favorite movies in the world, heard the book is actually much better. Highly recommend this movie, and no i am not a sadist…haha!

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