Norwegian B1…Woop!


Hallo, Hei, now when I listen to someone speaking Norwegian my brain does not convert from English to Norsk (Norwegian) as much as it used too…I am getting good at this and it feels so good!

About two weeks ago my tutor Inger Marie gave me some tests to check if  I was good to move from beginners to intermediate Norwegian and I passed them all…So exciting. So now I am on Intermediate Norwegian. New level, new challenges.

As always the major problem I am having is not practising enough. I forget a lot of words because I don’t completely speak it everyday. I am also having a major challenge with remembering the tenses.(Preteitum – Past and Presens Perfektum- Present Perfect)

I have found Norwegian not so difficult to grasp except for some struggles with getting the perfect pronunciation and bending of some words. Right now my Norwegian is like bad english..hahaha! It is pretty hilarious when I speak and get corrected by my fiancé, but hey got to keep speaking. Practice makes perfect yes? (embarrassing but must not take self to serious)

One thing I noticed since I have started learning Norwegian is that the little french I learnt from my time at French School is completely gone! Now when someone asks do you speak french and I am like yes I learnt some at french school I silently hope they don’t go into dialogue mode with me cause the words that will come out of my mouth will sound nothing like french…(just say great and walk away…lol) sad situation. Is this common though? Has this happened to anyone out there?

My favourite words or phrases in Norwegian so far are would have to be Jeg vet ikke  – I do not know and  Herrugud – Oh my gosh. I have enjoyed learning Norwegian and picking up on Norwegian being spoken at some stores, airports, and on the train…I chuckle and smile and listen in on conversations…Not proper I know but i mean I understand what they are discussing and that is amazing to me!

When I become very good with Norwegian I hope to one day learn to speak Spanish, till then I am on Norwegian B1 people! Woo Woop! Hoping this all gives me an early advantage in getting a fantastic job once I move. 🙂



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    hmmmmmmmmm. cool. wish i could learn a language too

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