Forever young…


As I age I have a lot more responsibilities to deal with, bills to settle, that job I have to show up to [rolls eyes] and dreams I have to work hard at.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of adult life, somewhere deep inside I feel like the same person I was at 13… I still look forward to the simple joy that comes from cracking and sucking on my chicken bone shamelessly and watching every old and new Disney classic! [Trust me adults, there are a lot of life lessons to be learnt from them].

I still enjoy making funny faces in pictures, singing the jingles to my favourite TV programs [at the top of my voice], and driving out just to buy a cone of Ice-cream.

I am getting older but I still see life like a roller coaster ride; it’s all laughter and excitement when the ride begins, when it starts to climb; your breath starts getting heavy when it reaches its peak…then it drops! And you need strength to stomach every ensuing sharp turn and sudden drop on the ride till it stops.

As I am about to get on my 28th ride, I am reminding myself to keep holding my hands out, screaming and laughing not just on the climb, but at each peak, at every sudden, sharp and nasty drop or turn. I’m reminding myself to ride freely and with excitement, just like a child….till I run out of turns.

Because to grumble or sit still throughout this ride simply defeats the entire purpose.

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