Been a loooong minute since I wrote here! Life got busy! In the midst of it all I made the final move, and settling in has been a mix of emotions. Oslo has been good to me so far… nothing compares to being where your heart is sooo … muchos grateful 🙂

So far we have had no snow in December and have been to a christmas market at the Norske Folkemuseum. If you have ever wondered what Norwegians lived like from the 1500’s and are in Oslo you should go here to take a walk through Norwegian history and culture. The old shops, schools, filling stations, banks and church buildings that litter the entire grounds is really enchanting. A walk through time!

Excited for our new adventures but till then I managed to grab a couple of pictures from the christmas market! Going to start with a picture of a bunch of Norwegian Santa Claus known as Julenissen (Yu-li-nissin) in Norwegian…


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    […] for a hike or as they say ‘å gå på tur’ I went on my first Norwegian hike since moving up here and it was certainly an adventure. Mostly because we got lost in the forest…here is a little […]

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