Mourning Valentine…The commercial one!


It’s that time of the year again… Lover’s day…February 14! Valentines Day!…and I am over it!…yes I am done with Valentine’s Day… Actually think I have never been proper big on it really…You know when society tells you this is how something is supposed to be and you cave into the pressure? I think that has been ‘my push’ for Valentine’s over the years…It’s crazy cause I used to listen to people argue about how ridiculous the idea of valentine’s day was and not agree with them, but now all of a sudden I get it.FullSizeRender 12Growing up Valentine was a huge deal in Lagos. It was how everyone (including your parents) knew you were in a proper relationship or ‘desired’. It was and is a form of validation for self and a chance to show off to others that you are desired…that you are someone’s BAE…and to be honest that’s ok
FullSizeRender 4What i hated the most about Valentine’s day were ‘The nosy friends’ or ‘freniemies’ the ones who make an effort to call around post/during Vals day to ask how your valentine went and might even go an extra mile to ask to see the gifts to be sure you were not lying or to compare with what they got…hahaha! For real though really ladies???
FullSizeRender 5I am over a day set aside to further feed our unquenchable hunger for things. When you have a proper ‘sit and think’ you might find it is ridiculous to have one day set aside to show the person you love that you love them…just on one day in year? Then what happens the rest of the year?FullSizeRender 3Well this is my valentine mourn. I’m done…I bow out….I do not need a day to show my loved one I love him. We try to do that as often as we can, everyday…in the little things, as little as cooking dinner, a body massage or even buying each other little thoughtful treats on the way home.

I think I will substitute this ‘special Feb 14 day’ with birthdays. The day me and everyone else can be grateful he was born.

For those of us still stuck in this rat race! Buy a thoughtful gift! Make some beautiful babies 😉 <3 …Happy Val’s Day in advance..x

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