Mother in Me…


I am starting to hear my mother in me…I cannot believe it! Growing up we saw nothing the same way, I still wonder what planet she comes from. Shockingly now I am slowly beginning to see many things about life through her eyes. Slowly understanding that she was once a girl and young woman like me…

To her family is everything, she always says to me in Idanre; True friendship does not exist, the faster you accept this the better’. I disagreed with her completely. What I failed to understand though was what she meant; which is that when push comes to shove family is your covering… As I grow older I am starting to see sense in her reasoning.

Yes you have friends that are amazing, wonderful and truthful. The thing is though, they will find partners, have kids and settle down. Their family will take priority over you. At some point it will be impossible for them to be there in your time of need, and you must understand that things have changed.No matter how difficult the situation is though, your family usually always come through!

My friends are settling into their new lives and I have to say mother was right! She was right! You do not have to get along with your family…Lord knows we fight like hell…but we are always in each others corners when things get tough.  Yes some families are dysfunctional, the bond that ought to have held them together as one shattered in pieces upon betrayal after betrayal. Still these kind of families are the exception and not the norm.

Your family is really all you have got, and I guess she found this out very early and made her family her friends too. Family does not have to be by blood, yes yes I hear you but you must agree blood is thicker than water. You must see the beauty in two siblings who cannot stand each other rush to the defence of the other when they are threatened…The sense of duty though overwhelming at times is truly a gift.

If you are blessed to be part of a good family cherish them…Try to get along but even when you do not be thankful you are loyal to one another…Living in this world without that sense of support can be really lonely!


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  • Reply Esther 19/09/2016 at 10:32 pm

    Very correct!

  • Reply joseph 18/09/2016 at 11:43 am

    Hmm, deep and powerful…learnt something really important

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