The weather last Saturday was perfect and in Norway that almost always calls for a hike or as they say ‘å gå på tur’ I went on my first hike adventure since moving up here and it was fun. Mostly because we got lost in the forest…here is a little story of how it went…IMG_0906IMG_0851Norwegians are very ‘out-doorsey’ – I have heard this many times before and after I moved and it is certainly no cliché. As a city girl… ‘my previous hiking experience’ (laughable)  has mostly been long evening walks up the bridge from my house. The only other proper hikes I can remember being on right now, will be up Calton Hill in Edinburgh, and Up Idanre Hills in Ondo State, Nigeria. So this was fun for me, an adventure… until we got lost and the Nigerian in me panicked…(hahah)IMG_0905IMG_0852The hike was meant to be to Lutvann, a serene deep lake in the east forest in Oslo (more than 50 meters on the deepest). The lake has a bit of a beach side where people lay in the sun, relax, barbecue and go in for a swim. This was our destination but we took the hike with google maps as our guide and found ourselves instead standing close to the cliff of one of the hills.

We started on a clear path until google maps prompted us to walk into the forest proper… I thought to myself… but there is no cleared path here? This is the forest! On we went into the forest on the Mr’s word that it was safe. In the same breath he also let me know that there have been wolves sightings in these forests…hahaha.

I saw the news headline about a young couple and their dog attacked by wolves in the forest, I saw my family’s reaction to it, I remembered scenes from movies where people wandered off the right path on hikes and how it almost always end in tragedy, haha!… My feet walked a little faster. All I wanted to do was get to the beach! He kept saying…it’s ok, it’s not dangerous… hmmmmmm!

As we climbed down I could see the lake in between the trees but no beach and I kept saying we are heading towards a cliff…He kept saying no. Until we got there and boom, no more land to walk on. I climbed back up that hill so fasssssst! My throat and stomach pushed me up as if a wolf was on my tail.

We finally found blue  signs on trees to guide us to the beach and my senses relaxed again (stopped and posed for some of the forest pictures you saw up there..haha).IMG_0904IMG_0896IMG_0889IMG_0899IMG_0866IMG_0866IMG_0864IMG_0857IMG_0856IMG_0862IMG_0869IMG_0915IMG_0935IMG_0930IMG_0861Looking back now getting lost made it all the more interesting. I still do not get it though. How despite being told going into this place is dangerous, and there might be wolves in this forest, people still strap on their bags and jump in…lol! I remember while we trying to find our way back on track we came across a lady just causally walking into the forest who was kind enough to give us directions…haha! Interesting stuff… Can’t deny looking back now it was exciting.

Lutvann was worth it though, it was all smiles in the end…I will be going again and this time…not straying off the path.



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    That’s me going to a village I have never heard of. The name is Fufu in Ilorin South LGA. Kwara state Nigeria. It’s a ‘strange’ land.

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