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Hi I’m Caleb’s Girl and I am a Lippie Lover!!! Sure thats how i would introduce myself inย ‘Lipstick Anonymous’ Absolutely love Lipstick/Balm… I can do without powder, mascara, brow pencil, blush, highlighter, contouring and the rest but never without colouring my lips and lining my eyelids!ย To be honest thats all I called make-up until 2016! So i am a makeup newbie really… ๐Ÿ˜€

I have pretty full lips ( the kind the Kardashians ‘pay for or draw on’ :-p ) thankful they are just full enough to be able to wear bold colours! If they were any fuller it would have been a struggle to pull off bold colours. Currently hooked on Mac Lippies…In love with dark bold colors. I am also ‘falling in to nude’. Nudes have that ‘classic’ touch… Glad almost all shades of nudes I have tried go with my skin colour which i’ve been told is a dark honey shade? I need to stock up on Nude Lippies so if you know any good ones please feel free to share.

Took out the camera and captured a few of my fav lippies….After taking these pictures I am convinced I am ready to launch my face/lip modelling career…lol For real though I didn’t do terribly did i? Give me a 7 out of 10??? You better….this is my space! If your an agent…holler ๐Ÿ˜€ sike!


Mac PlumFul…

Wearing Mac Taupe - Love It!

Antique Velvet- Love IT


Mac Chilli


Mac Instigator- Matte

Mac Lady Danger - Pops Overtime

Mac Lady Danger – Pops Everytime


Mac Rebel- Was tired by


Nude Vibes with Mac Mocha

No but for real is that you in them pictures girl??? *Tears* Had fun taking doing this. I am learning a lot on ‘Lipstick Etiquette’; the right colours to wear for full lips, to the right occasion and all that blah blah… ๐Ÿ™‚ would share some of the things i learn here much later. As much as I am getting on with make-up now I still am very concerned with using clean products. It can be difficult to know exactly what goes into products. So I will also do a post later on Clean Organic Beauty products…

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P.S> If you are rolling your eyes or cringing at my post………………………………You are not alone! I do it too… Hah! *Tongue Out*

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