Like Lego.


So October 11 was International Day Of The Girl Child! Yaaay!…a day set apart just to celebrate the girl child! It has been tough tough tough being a girl…anyone else feel me in this struggle? Still love being a girl though! We girls get to go through a range of experiences in life…but being a woman has never been easy and is even more difficult in today’s world. (We earned this day)

So many expectations of a woman. Many of them not set by ourselves, or set by a privileged few and spewed out as a universal truth. Women are soft…weaker(in a complimentary way).  According to divine design women are created to always play second fiddle to a man in life (it’s just the way it is, there must be a leader and a follower). Women are emotional; not capable of having pure logical thought (we are emotional thinkers, we think with our hearts). Women are carers, we are naturally good at raising kids much more than a man. Women make a marriage. A woman is the one responsible for keeping her home/relationship/man/boyfriend and so on. I come across so many ‘moo’ opinions floating around the internet and just think wow! Are they defining me? is it me they are talking about?

The woman is blamed for pretty much everything that goes wrong. Like an equation, you plus, multiply divide to find the root cause is a woman. Your partner ‘leaves’ you…and you are blamed for not being enough! Your kid is not doing so well in society and you are blamed again for not being enough…lol, you are single? you are blamed for having too high standards! (this frustrates me) It really is a funny sad situation. (you know when you are sad but find the joke in your situation and go from laughing to weeping all at the same time?) Hah!

Might come as a shock to you but  a woman is nothing but a human being trying to find herself in this thing called life. Believe it or not she has dreams and aspirations for herself that diverge from society’s expectations of her which are simply impossible to fulfill.

Society expects a woman to be strong, stay with her man through his infidelity, work a 9 – 5 come home and throw it down in the kitchen and bed without breaking a sweat!(did i forget handling play time and homework time like a boss) With your hair laid, nails did and smile intact.(If you know any woman that managed to juggle all these balls without slipping please tell me about her in the comment section…I will absolutely love to do a feature on her or send her a little gift cause I know she must have gone through a whole lot!)

Today’s woman is expected to be an updated version of theStepford Wife.  The thing though is Stepford Wives did not think about the rent, school fees or mortgage. It was easier to be a Stepford Wife in yesterdays world. Today we have joined the labour force. We have more to think about and more weight to carry and I think a Stepford Wife 1.5 needs and a HandyHubby 1.0 to match. :p

So here i am writing days after International Day of the girl child, writing again my truth on the matter of not just the girl child but humanity. To say we are all born unique and equal. We are all Like Lego. You need all the pieces to complete a set. Not one piece is more important than the other. The boy and girl child are born equal. None is better than the other. Each of them full of unique abilities to their personality and also gender. These abilities are not universal but unique to each person. It is the way we socialise them that should be checked!

Women everywhere are getting more empowered to be the people they choose to be. We are waking up to our strength. I remember putting up a post on my social media a while back about there being no pride in a human being that cannot look after themselves. Nothing to be proud about in not being able to cook and clean up after yourself…I was attacked by a few unhappy men who know the mind of God in my comment section.

Here I am again stating my opinion on the matter. No one is greater than the other, a man is not the head of a woman. Sometime a king rules a nation and other times a queen rules and the man she is married too plays second fiddle. Everyone is responsible for themselves. Raise your girl and boy children equal. Do not buy your girl pink cause she is a girl!!!! She just might have liked blue…and to you grown up girl child out there trying so hard to wear all your hats, trying so hard to live up to that sermon your pastor’s wife laid out on Sunday on being a super wife/mother…Girl please take a break! Super heros are human beings…


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  • Reply Oluwatoyin 27/10/2017 at 11:42 am

    “We are all Like Lego . You need all the pieces to complete a set. Not one piece is more important than the other. The boy and girl child are born equal. None is better than the other. Each of them full of unique abilities to their personality and also gender.” I love these lines. I remember growing up, grandma made my sister and I do the chores and my brothers would stay in the living room, watching TV or doing other stuffs for themselves. Grandma would say” you’re a girl! It’s your duty to do the chores. You’ll be a man’s property some day and no man will tolerate a woman that is lazy. Your brothers won’t serve their wives, their wives will serve them… ” Now my sister is out of the house and I’m left to do the whole work, all because my brothers don’t know how to. Most days, no help. I’m just looking forward to getting out of grad school 😀. They say it’s ‘training’ though. 😁 Thanks for this piece Calebs girl. And oh, I made a picture of the lines I copied if that’s OK with you. I would’ve posted it here but there’s no way I can. Thanks again.

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