Life is time. Life is time…


The hustle is real, it always has been…We finish or drop out of school and get on that paper chase because that is the way the system works… You need money to live ‘your dreams’.

At least that’s what we are told in school, by our parents or guardians…by our friends, colleagues, in TV commercials, on the news..You need to work to live.

The thing is though we all get caught up in the paper chase and kinda forget to live. Most of us will work and work for 40 years with what goal in mind? To collect assets in order to live? To retire and then begin to live?

Life is time. Life is time…Life is a collection of time. Time cannot be bought back, It really is very precious and 40 years to chase paper is a lot of time that cannot be recovered.

We all arrived here with nothing but the skin on our backs… We have been socialised to think we need a lot of things to live a ‘happy fulfilled life’ and so we work hard to collect these things, we apportion strict ‘collecting time’ and strict ‘enjoyment time’ out of our lifetime… ‘I plan to work hard till i’m 50 then retire and live‘ – I often hear.

The reality is that we never stop collecting…we get caught up… the reality is that we might not get enough time as we have imagined to enjoy the possessions we worked damn hard to collect. The ‘masters of the game’ have set a limit to the time you get here…What are you doing with it?…Strictly collecting ‘things’, ‘building your empire’, with the hope of enjoying it later?

To work is great! We all have so much talent and ability inside of us that needs to be expressed. We exchange this for money which is supposed to help us live the lives we dream of! The thing is though joy, happiness, fulfilment do not live in things… They live in experiences. Yes you need money to experience certain things buuut i opine that a right mind with the little things…the little things bring so much joy!

So do that! Live! Live now, you cannot see how much times left on your head! Spend time collecting things yes… but remember they do not follow you when you go…Someone else will take charge of what you invested lost time collecting when you are gone. Work hard but Live hard all at the same time. Find joy in being alive, seek out experiences, enrich your journey because a timer has been set on your head!

Some people are privileged to have the very best of things in their lifetime…Not all of them are lucky enough to know how to truly enjoy them, have peace to enjoy them, know how to be grateful for them or have people who truly love and care about them to share them and collect memories with. This is where a ‘right mind’ comes in… A mind that sees being alive on its own as a privilege. Being able to witness it all as an amazing gift. This is what life is about, experiences, love and people…

You are here to experience life…To grow, to change, pick things up and drop things down…There is a timer on your head. Achieve things yes, collect things yes, but remember they do not follow you when you go…

P.S. Your body is ageing too…Can’t binge watch TV shows past 00:00AM anymore 🙁


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  • Reply MakitaJones 06/08/2016 at 7:19 pm

    And sometimes, if we can it’s good to TRAVEL hard! Travel alot and see different cultures, experience life, broaden the mind… I think travelling might be one of the very good ways to live! Even if it’s just within one’s country.

    Absolutely love this! Your blogs are intriguing.

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