Life is still a roller coaster baby…


A few days ago I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my challenges…my situations. If you are human you will know this is not an easy thing to do because life’s challenges can be tough! At the same time one does not need to look too far to find a person going through a worse off situation.

It’s my birthday this month and with that comes a whole lot of reflection! (Where have my twenties gone? almost over now 🙁 ). I have learnt quite a lot in my short twenty something years…One thing that has made me meet with peace is accepting that life is a roller coaster!

You know those TV stories…the cinderella ones, that is exactly what they are… TV stories! This is not to say happy endings do not exist no no! Happily ever after does exist but not devoid of situations and challenges. It is never a smooth sail for long, when you get a smooth sail cherish it cause you just might be needing all the strength in the world for the storm that might come after.

At all times life is good…when things aren’t quite working out and when they do. Life is still good, it is still beautiful…because there is beauty in our challenges, our challenges balance it all out. Can you imagine life without that sigh of relief experience that comes with overcoming your challenges? That instant moment of joy that moves us to laughter or to happy tears?

Going through stuff is part of the experience, stuff…challenges they enrich our sojourn. I mean it would be wonderful  a world with absolutely no challenges, everything turns out exactly the way we plan. We would be happy no doubt but we would not be getting the full experience of the world and of ourselves.

We all have depth in us… Capabilities buried deep within and if life was only a smooth sail they will stay buried. We would not experience the entirety of consciousness…. We would also not get to know what is in us, get to experience ourselves fully. The good and the bad stuff, the highs and lows and sharp turns make our life’s story so beautiful.

Try it, look over your life…It is probably filled with major and minor challenges right now, not perfect yes but then look back at your journey and the challenges you have had to overcome to get to where you are now. The times you thought it was over, you cried, prayed, hoped and believed. Do you remember how it felt to overcome your challenges? How does it feel now looking back on it?

There are great times and not so great times in life… You are up and then down just like a roller coaster, it is your journey… don’t fight it… don’t obsess about things that are absolutely out of your control….You have no control on a roller coaster, when you get to the sudden sharp turns, dips and lows…lift your hands, scream and enjoy the ride… Just let go to life.

Ask life…Ok, what is this experience about??? What am I supposed to learn from this? and pray you don’t have to repeat that class..x

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