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Let Your Hair Down


Artist: Magic!

Album: Don’t Kill The Magic

Track No.: 3

Title Track: Let Your Hair Down

In these times when it is increasingly difficult to find good new slow reggae, discovering Magic! has been magical [tongue out].  This song soothes my soul, from the crooner(s) behind the 2014 hit Rude, Let your hair down features on track 3 of the same album.With every listen I can almost see myself dancing on a Caribbean Island, can in hand 🙂 I think it must have had the same effect on the band or perhaps was the inspiration behind the song in some way as seen in the Video. It has a beautiful and relaxing melody.

The vibe I get from listening to this song is also one of pure unadulterated, innocent love. The song does talk about loving a person as they are, no pretence, no fancy words, no masks…Seeing a person’s soul and loving it purely. It reminds me that Love in its purest form is really a beautiful thing…It is definitely on my beach playlist…

Favourite Lyrics

To me you are more than just skin and bones,

You are elegance and freedom and everything I know,

Baby let your hair down,

Let me run my fingers through it,

We can be ourselves now,

Go ahead be foolish,

No one’s on the clock now,

Lying in this simple moment,

You don’t gotta worry now, Just let your hair down…

Tell me when, Tell me when, Tell me when,

When I can steal, a sweet kiss right from you,

You don’t have to worry, let your hair down..

…It’s only us here, only us here only us here! <3 <3 <3


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    […] that is exactly what this song is. I might be on a roll with caribbean/Tropical music as per my last post. It’s a happy music and it’s lyrics are happy too. I love house and love island music […]

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