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Leon Bridges


Where have you been all my life Leon Bridges? Stumbled upon Rivers sometime last month on youtube and I have quickly become a Fan! -quick info about him before we get to the music-

So he from Texas and he style is 1950’s 60’s smooth soul r n b jazz miss. Not just in his music but also his closet. He is currently signed to Columbia Records, he worked as a dish washer and made music on the side till he was signed up.

His debut album Coming Home is a beautiful easy listen…I listened to the entire thing on spotify and did not skip one song!

Most liked tracks: River, Lisa Sawyer (this song is about his mom), Brown Skin Girl, Daisy Mae, Coming Home…I think I liked every song!

Leon Bridges makes me want to go out and buy a vintage vinyl player! Perfect match… Now to the music….


Lisa Sawyer : Fav Lyric: Never had much money, money…but was filthy rich with the wealth you couldn’t get from a dark casino or a lottery ticket, they had love love, love… Rich in love.

Brown Skin Girl

Daisy Mae

Coming Home

Enjoy your day…x


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